Serie A – The most competitive league at the moment

Inter has resurrected, Napoli are looking like they could do it, Roma are really strong, Juventus have the credibility to do it again and Lazio could pull a surprise…

Who would believe that Inter Milan would somehow find their way to the top not after one or two games but after sixteen games, and who would believe that Juventus would beat Napoli in their home while Napoli were on an excellent run.

After years of struggle with rapid change of players and coaches…

Inter Milan are finally looking like a team who can run away with the Scudetto. They are the only team together with Barcelona and Manchester City who haven’t lost a league game this season in the top 5 leagues.

Inter Milan have the lethal Mario Icardi who actually had stopped getting recognition from his scandalous private life but now for the excellent player he is and he never disappoints when it comes to scoring goals, and it seems Spalleti keeping Perisic from Man U move has done them extreme good.

Napoli will always show their strength and they somewhat look like they’ll finally get a good run at the Scuddeto this season and even though they look like they are having a dip in form right now, if Sarri could get his mathematics right, they’ll be firing once again.

Juventus are a deceptive team, they often look weak until they meet their strong counterparts and they always grind results against such teams. It must not be forgotten that Juventus were few seasons ago about 14 points away from the top when it was already half of the season, and they still ended up winning the Scudetto, so they are always strong. One can’t afford to be carried away by their inconsistency.

Roma are really looking good at the moment, when you look at their group in the Champions League, you would think they’ll end up in the Europa league, in fact, a lot of people absolutely considered them as the third choice to qualify from the group after Atletico and Chelsea. However, they eventually didn’t just qualify, they qualified as the Group winner.

To tell of the present greatness of the Italian league, Napoli who were Top last week dropped to third after losing for the first time in the league this season against Juventus, they are now back to second after a goalless result at home against Fiorentina, Roma are presently fourth on the log with an outstanding game, if they win their outstanding match, they’ll move straight to third, Lazio are on 5th with two games at hand, if they win those two games, they can fly straight to third position.

In recent years Serie A is just getting better and better and it was about time some team challenged Juventus who made the Scudetto trophy theirs alone. Huge teams like Inter and AC Milan that gave the league strong recognition have lost their fire power especially in Europe and tt’s been long that either of them appeared in the Champions League and they don’t always have a good run whenever they play in the Europa league. However, things are rapidly changing and the competition is getting really tense.

The six times consecutive champions, Juventus, might finally be facing true competition from teams like Inter, Roma, Napoli and perhaps Lazio. Naijabet

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